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Sally Ashcroft

“Classic Mentoring provides all the ingredients for a successful career in Mortgage Broking”

I completed the Mentoring program with Nancy in February this year. Prior to joining Nancy’s group 2 yrs ago I had been working in the industry for over 12 months, working with a broker who was my mentor. A great guy, but very busy with his clients and not a great deal of time left in his day for guiding a newbie. Then I met Nancy at an industry event and we started chatting. I had thought that the only way to start in the industry was to work under a broker in their office. Nancy explained about the Classic Mentoring program and from there I haven’t looked back.

If you’re looking at starting in the industry or even if you have been in the industry for a few years and you just don’t feel you are as successful as you should be, then you should seriously consider joining with Nancy.

You see the Classic Mentoring program is not just about broking, it’s about finding clients, goal setting, building a business and loan scenarios as well. You have access to Nancy for any support in many forms, via e-mail, phone and Facebook It really is a wonderful program and Nancy and her team delivery it very professionally.

I’d recommend Classic Mentoring, as they provide all the ingredients for a successful career in Mortgage Broking.

Sally Ashcroft
Natasha Janssens

“Their wealth of knowledge, experience and guidance is only a phone call away”

I first chose to use the services of Classic Mentoring because I was impressed by Nancy’s professionalism and liked her structured approach to mentoring.  While it takes time to build up a client base, regularly working with Nancy on case studies and research projects has allowed me to put my free time to good use and enabled me to be better prepared to handle client interviews.  While working as a sole operator can often be a lonely endeavour, Nancy’s monthly workshops allow mentees to regularly network with others who are in similar stages of their business lifecycle – it does wonders for your sanity and self-confidence to know that you are not the only one facing a particular challenge!

Last but not least, knowing that Nancy’s wealth of knowledge, experience and guidance is only a phone call away makes starting up my own business a far less stressful experience than it otherwise would be.

I highly recommend Classic Mentoring for those who are serious about following through with their vision and making their business a success.

Natasha Janssens
Matthew Dimos

“Classic Mentoring gives me the confidence I need”

Having Nancy as my Mentor gives me the confidence I need.

Whether it be when structuring a deal that I had no experience with before, or ensuring that my business is successful.

She truly is someone that any new broker would dream of having by their side..

Matthew DimosQualified Finance Broker B.Bus.App.Fin
Toby Giordano

“I settled over $20 million in my first 14 months!”

Joining the Classic Mentor program has been the best decision of my career. Having entered the mortgage and finance industry 14 months ago, I had no idea how to put a loan together or how to manage the compliance requirements. You can feel alone entering a new industry but Classic Mentoring has been there every step of the way and helped me get through the tough early days.

Not only have Classic Mentoring helped me successfully settle loans, but they have helped with structuring loans and presenting loans to lenders so that they get approved quickly and without any hassles. Nancy and the team have helped me with my business planning and goals to ensure my business is heading in the right direction and to ensure longevity in the industry.

Now just over 14 months in business and having settled just over $20m in loans, I can truly say that this would not have been possible without the support of Classic Mentoring.

Thanks so much to Nancy and the team!

Toby GiordanoMortgage Consultant

“A successful Mentor is a good communicator and enjoys sharing knowledge”

Nancy Youssef of Classic Mentoring has been my mentor for mortgage broking for 9 months now. A successful mentor is a good communicator, enjoys sharing knowledge and experiences and is accessible. Nancy genuinely enjoys openly sharing information about the mortgage and finance industry; her passion is obvious.

She is also accessible. I’ve called Nancy as early as 8.20am and as late as 8pm and she has cheerfully taken my call, however inconvenient it may have been, not that I’d have known.

So if you back yourself and make a real commitment to learn as much as you can and you want to learn from a mentor who genuinely makes a commitment to you and who really cares about your progress, choose Nancy Youssef of Classic Mentoring!

Graham W

“Without Classic, my business would have failed before it started”

It has been a huge learning curve for me in terms of setting up a business, compliance, marketing, and how to actually be a mortgage broker.

Nancy is always available to offer guidance, support and experience.

As a mentor she pushes me to succeed and steers me in the right direction. Investing in an experienced and quality mentor like Nancy is very worthwhile; without her I think my business would have failed before it started.

Daniel G